Why I’m voting for David Hamilton for Texas State Representative in Fort Bend County

My friend David Hamilton is running for Texas State Representative in Fort Bend County. David is a Christian who teaches Sunday School at his church and has been very active in pro-life ministry. He and his wife Katie have two young children – a two-year-old named Brad and a newborn named Brooklynn. David played college and semi-pro basketball, and now works in the oil & gas industry. As a State Rep he will be a leader we can trust to do the right thing and fight to build a better future for Texas.

He is running against an incumbent State Rep who has been arrested twice on felony charges, is currently under indictment on 10 felony counts, and is currently being sued by 15 different health care companies in the Houston area that accuse him of basically stealing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.These alleged illegal activities hurt small businesses and drive up health care prices in our community – yet he campaigns on his support for small businesses and affordable health care! Here is an article about the incumbent’s legal troubles: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/09/21/State-Rep-Ron-Reynolds-Criminal-charges-Texas-Ethics-Commission-fines-and-civil-lawsuits

Please consider helping David in one or more of the following ways:

  • Forward this email to anybody who cares about Texas, and would prefer a strong Christian conservative to a personal injury lawyer with serious legal baggage
  • “Like” David’s facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Hamilton4TX
  • “Follow” David on twitter at http://twitter.com/Hamilton4TX
  • Make a donation to his campaign at http://www.Hamilton4TX.com or by mailing a check to: David Hamilton Campaign; 810 Hyacinth Place; Missouri City, TX 77459
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, and family that there is a Texas State Rep under indictment on felony charges who could be making decisions that impact you, your family, and your business and that David is running to restore integrity to HD27!

“Brilliance in the Void”, by Caraline Cardwell

I wanted to share this poem from my oldest daughter, Caraline (16). . .
The sky is deep, dark, obscured.
With closed eyes, imagination wanders
and finds you lost, deserted, helpless, afraid,
absorbed in overwhelming void.
Eyes open, the scene is revised.
Light illuminates, penetrating and conquering,
overpowering the Stygian dusk.
The black canvas is now candescent, pellucid,
painted with systematic constellations.
Stars sparkle, beam, twinkle, glow.
Artificial light extinguished, all around,
stars fill every dark place
in a glorious, panoramic display.
The God of Abraham revealed a glimpse
of His power, beauty, and glory
when He gave the galaxies their stars.
“He determines the number of the stars,
He gives to all of them their names”.
Heaven forbid a faith
in which such orderly, magnificent beauty
be result of accidental disarray!
Blanketed with infinite space,
you are made small,
insignificant, vulnerable, and powerless.
That is oft the beginning
of something beautiful.

Beset with Weakness

Recently my family and I took a two week vacation together. It was great. There were many things I took away from spending back to back weeks out of the routine of day to day ministry related tasks: meetings, sermons, phone calls, etc. Much of what the Lord showed me during my time away has leaked out in a few different areas, including the current sermon series our church is going through in Luke’s gospel. The overall picture is this: we’re busy and vacations aren’t the answer, Jesus is. I found that when I stopped the “activity” of ministry for two solid weeks several things bubbled to the surface of my heart, and they weren’t that great. They were however, a mercy from God. I was reminded again how needy I am (daily, hourly, moment by moment) for the sustaining grace and presence of Jesus in my life. No matter how busy I am in the things of life and ministry, there’s one thing that can never be dropped or marginalized in my life.

Then I started thinking about pastors in general. I thought about the somewhat strange dynamic of standing in front of people each week, needing to be the one who’s excited and encouraging and full of the Spirit, no matter how your week’s been. And I thought about the pressure (often self-imposed) that we put on ourselves to seem “super-spiritual” on Sundays and how silly that can be. Then, as I was reading in Hebrews the Lord blessed me with a picture of pastoral ministry (sort of). In Hebrews 5, the author is contrasting the high priest in Israel with Jesus (the true, eternal high priest). Now, the high priests weren’t pastors per se, but there were similar dynamics at work. So in his comparison the author points out how the high priests had to offer sacrifices, not just for the people, but for themselves. Why? They were sinners too. Verse two puts it beautifully:

He can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is beset with weakness. (Hebrews 5:2 ESV)

Here’s the picture–the man serving others in sacrificing animals for a covering over their sin, is in their same boat. He’s just as needy of the sacrifice as they are. I think this a very helpful picture for us pastors to observe and emulate. We come each Sunday to be with people who are struggling and needy and discouraged and confused and looking for answers. We don’t come to them as the answer, but our job is to point them to Jesus; because we too are beset with weakness. We too are in need of a thriving walk with Him. That doesn’t come any more naturally to pastors than non-pastors, just so you know. So, pastors we can be gentle and honest with people because we all need the same Jesus. We’re all looking to Him to come through in the end on our behalf.

I was reminded again that the best thing I can give my church and my family is a man who is pursuing Jesus  more than anything else. He’s the one who’s perfect, not me. His holiness has earned salvation, not mine. He’s our boast, our reward. So even though we’re pastors, we too are beset with weakness. Let’s bring that weakness to Jesus and ask Him to show His strength through us. Amen.


–Travis Cardwell

Attention Fort Bend County Folks: Meet David Hamilton (running for State Rep)

To my friends who live in Fort Bend County, (especially Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Meadows Place, or Stafford)

I don’t do political ads, much here (as you know), but indulge me. I’d like for you to take a few minutes to consider the below, regarding the upcoming election for State Representative. My good friend David Hamilton is running, and he’s worth the next two minutes of your time.

David Hamilton (R-Missouri City) is challenging incumbent Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City) for State Representative in House District 27, which covers Sienna Plantation, Meadows Place, Stafford, and most of Missouri City. Hamilton says Reynolds’ legal troubles make him unfit for public office, and he believes Fort Bend County should replace him with a leader we can trust.


“In researching the elected officials whose decisions impact me and my family, I came across my opponent’s legal troubles and that is why I am running against him,” Hamilton says. “He has been arrested twice on felony charges. In November 2013 he was indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury on ten felony counts, and this month the Texas Bar Association filed a civil lawsuit against him for violating their code of ethics for Texas lawyers.”


Hamilton says he has spoken with several Democrats in House District 27 who are upset that they do not have another candidate in the Democratic primary. Hamilton was asked what he says to those Democratic voters.


“I tell them that they do have another candidate in the general election in November.  I am running as a Republican, but I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a Texan first.  I will never go along with the Republican Party if they ever ask me to do something that goes against my faith or what is best for my family and the people of Fort Bend County.”


David and his wife Katie have one son named Brad, who is almost two years old, and they are expecting their second child in August. Hamilton says both of his parents are retired public school teachers, so public education has always been a priority for his family. He believes that teachers, parents, and local school boards should have the primary responsibility for making education decisions, rather than state or federal politicians.


He also believes that Fort Bend County parents should not have to move to save their children from a failing school. “We have some excellent schools in Fort Bend County, but unfortunately we also have some schools that are struggling. I support tax breaks for parents who decide that homeschool or a private school is best for their children, in addition to giving parents the freedom to send their kids to a better nearby public school without having to move.”


Hamilton pledges to be a leader we can trust who will serve the people he represents rather than a political party or special interest group. His campaign website is http://www.Hamilton4TX.com and http://www.facebook.com/Hamilton4TX is his campaign facebook page.

– Pol. adv. for David Hamilton campaign for HD27 State Rep –

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Join @bcredeemer for a Ross King Christmas Concert at HBU Saturday, 12/14

Ross King Concert

Saturday, December 14 at 7:00 PM

Houston Baptist University – Mabee Auditorium

Come join us for a free concert at Houston Baptist University in the Mabee Auditorium on Saturday, December 14 at 7:00pm.  Ross King is a worship pastor as well as a songwriter whose songs are loaded with biblical truth and God-honoring lyrics that will stir your soul.

We hope you can join us for a great evening with Ross King full of song and teaching.  If you have any questions please contact Travis Cardwell at 832.655.2515 or Billy Newhouse at



For more information on Ross King check out www.rosskingmusic.com or http://www.rosskingworldtour.blogspot.com




Houston Baptist University:

Mabee Auditorium

7502 Fondren Road

Houston, Texas 77074

VERY Helpful Articles on Evangelism from 9 Marks #tc


Evangelism in the Workplace

Counsel on workplace evangelism from someone whose faith is the fruit of workplace evangelism.

By Ashok Nachnani

Reaching the “Converted”

Some of pastors’ most obvious evangelistic opportunities are with members of our churches. But how can we reach them?

By Bob Johnson

Evangelism across Economic Boundaries

The first lesson in evangelizing across economic boundaries? We’re not all that different.

By Mike McKinley

How can Churches Evangelize their Neighborhoods?

How can you reach those near your church, especially when most members don’t live there?

By Jeff Cavanaugh

Three Lessons for Cross-Cultural Evangelism

How can you evangelize across cultures? Communicate clearly, proclaim the Word, use the church.

By John Folmar

Evangelizing the Nations at Home

Four lessons from one church’s efforts to reach internationals in its own metro area.

By Andy Johnson

The Gospel for a Gay Friend

The beauty of the gospel is that it addresses every area of their life, not just one expression of the fall.

By Garrett Kell

Evangelism without an Altar Call

Wait, you can do evangelism without an altar call? Read on.

By Aaron Menikoff

What is evangelism?


Who should evangelize?


How can a pastor develop a church’s corporate evangelistic witness?


[VIDEO]: My 3 Sessions from One Camp 360 on Christ in the OT are now Online

I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to lead the Bible Study at One Camp 360 again this year. My topic was Christ in the Old Testament. The videos from each session are below:

Join us for VBS @bcredeemer June 30th–July 3rd


Do you know the Story of Paul and Barnabas? Think you Know the Power of Forgiveness?

Baptist Church of the Redeemer invites you to a FAMILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL

Beginning June 30 at 5:30 pm

  • Bible Songs in English and in Spanish!
  • Snacks and Memory Verses!
  • Games for kids and Parents OF ALL AGES!
  • Listen to Stories about Paul & Barnabas, the original Missionaries, as they travel the Mediterranean!


  • Night 1 “Is He For Real?” Barnabas accepts the newlyconverted Saul
  • Night 2 “Off We Go!” The Duo set out for Asia Minor
  • Night 3 “They Think We’re Gods!?” a startling tale in Lystra
  • Night 4 “When Good Men Disagree.” even the best of us fight sometimes, see how this one turned out

But most of all, learn what all this has to do with Jesus Christ.
Interested? Come Join us, Sunday June 30!


2106 Fifth Street, Missouri City, TX 77489

Join us for the “Already/ Not Yet” of the Christian Life, with Jim Hamilton, June 15-16th

We are excited to invite you to a FREE conference, on Saturday & Sunday, June 15-16th, under the theme of the “Already / Not Yet” of the Christian Life. Dr. Jim Hamilton will be joining us the weekend following the Southern Baptist Convention as we focus on the doctrine of sanctification together. Please take a moment to view our welcome video, overviewing our prayer and vision for this weekend.


All sessions will be held in the main sanctuary at Baptist Church of the Redeemer, [2106 Fifth Street, Missouri City TX 77489]. The schedule for our time together will be as follows:

Saturday (6/15)

Session I (4:30pm)

Dinner Break—Jason’s Deli Box Lunches $10 (Register below)

Session II (7:00pm)

Break 8:15-8:30 (coffee and water provided)

Q&A with Dr. Hamilton (8:30pm)

Sunday (6/16)

Session III: 9:30am

Session IV: Redeemer Worship Service —10:40am

If you’d like to sign up for a Jason’s Deli Box lunch for Saturday evening, you can SIGN UP HERE. A nursery will be provided for children from 0—4yrs of age.

We look forward to seeing you in June!