Why Blog?

I’d like to lay out a few main ideas that I have for this blog and make it clear why I am following the “blog-trend.” First, let me start with the title for this blog…I feel that it describes the existence of every human on the face of this earth. So, I hope that it serves as a reminder that we do not walk, talk, breathe, make plans, play golf, go to a job, go to church, read our bibles, or even pray apart from God’s sovereign hand. So may people be awakened to God’s goodness in their lives!

My prayer is for a God-centered world view, and I don’t want that to sound like a Piper quote. I really desire for people to know the majesty of our God. Too many times we settle for a god that is weak and blind. By God’s mercy may we be transformed! We swim in mercy! Romans 12:1-2 is my prayer for the people in my church and for anyone who might gaze on these words. But notice that we are transformed and not conformed to the world BY THE MERCIES OF GOD.

My life, as I’m sure is yours, is a story of mercy swimming. I will in future posts reflect on the goodness of God in my life. He has interrupted, hardened, blessed, taken away and made alive…Praise be to God! I want to encourage anyone who reads this blog to also be aware of a few others worth reading. First, I would like to heartily recommend Jim Hamilton’s blog. Dr. Hamilton is a great man. He has taught me much about the majesty of God and the worthiness of spending our lives studying to know Him. I will also say that Billy Newhouse has been a great encouragement to me, especially to blog…He is a great friend and a humble man of God.

May God continually provide us with oceans of mercy to swim in!


2 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Paul Gulledge says:

    Travis, glad to see you jumping into the cyberworld of the blogs. I actually haven’t done it yet, but I’m sure someone out there is held captive by their desire to read my thoughts on why Ratner will destroy X3, Kevin Max is radical simplicity and what are kids so fasinated with that purple dino.
    Anyway I look forward to reading your thoughts and insight on various topics. Keep it up.

    The one who wanders is not lost – JRR Tolkien

  2. Lizzy Jordan says:

    Yo! Travista! Cool idea, brother! Blog away! I’ll be reading!–>

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