Hurricane Rita: A Gift and a Reminder

Well, I’m assuming that like me, many of you (in the Houston and Beaumont area) are scurrying back to your homes after a period of evacuation. I hope that you find your homes in tact and your family (church and immediate) safe. I wanted to briefly share with you why I’m thanking God for Hurricane Rita.

  1. Rita was a gift: Yes, I’m using this for some “shock-value,” but I sincerely believe that God blesses us through this and other “natural disasters.” Personally I have been shown how easily my faith can be shaken. Let’s review shall we…I left my house late Wednesday night and spent a week in someone else’s home. That’s basically my hurricane story. However, this was all it took to break my devotional routine. I became much more interested in Fox News than the passages I’m currently reading in Judges and 1 Corinthians. I became much more aware of my dependence upon electricity (is that really an excuse not to study the Bible?) I let much of my seminary work build up because I was too busy “being a refugee or evacuee (whichever you prefer).” I began to see compromise settling into my thoughts and dealings with my children. Rita was a gift in that it forced me to see my utter dependence upon God. Rita revealed worldliness that had crept into my life. I’m thankful for God’s good gifts.
  2. Rita was a Reminder: Rita (and Katrina) reminded us that God is the Supreme Ruler of all things. We can spend years and multiple millions of dollars planning for disasters and still be utterly venerable to God’s power and terrible sovereignty. I was personally reminded that we are only sustained by the prayers of our Savior. We all deserve to have our homes destroyed and lives ruined. God is gracious beyond belief, especially when He reminds us of our frailty and His unwavering strength during times like this. Rita was a reminder to me that we should spend our labors on eternal matters and be freed to release our grip from material things. Rita was a reminder that our hope should not be in FEMA or the President (although I’m not bashing them like much of the country), but in God’s mighty right hand, that is solely able to deliver His people.

What has God taught you through this time?

May God continue to lead us to repent and believe!


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Rita: A Gift and a Reminder

  1. I am glad to hear everything at home is in tact! We had a few families from Liberty that live next door (!) to Keith at My church for the weekend… Thanks for the encouraging blog as a reminder to us who were complaining that we didn’t see any signs of Rita- we all definately had the wrong attitude!


  2. B.Wright says:

    Our friends and churches will have long-term needs as a result of Rita. I hope we all take advantage of the opportunity to help our neighbors and respond to their needs through this event. If our Christianity doesn’t show by our caring and our actions this week, then our faith is useless.

  3. Emily says:

    I totally agree with Rita (and Katrina) being both gift and reminder. What a blessed reminder of God’s love, mercy, and awesome power. I’m grateful for your blog Travis and enjoy reading it!

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