Album Review: Derek Webb’s Mockingbird

Derek Webb’s music is difficult to label. In fact, the whole process of labeling, stereotyping, and oversimplification are topics addressed in depth in his new album Mockingbird. I know that many of those who read this blog are familiar with Derek’s previous work, but if you are not, click here and here.

I know a few of folks that have listened to this CD and totally dropped off the D-Webb bandwagon. Part of that comes from an interview conducted some time ago by Part of this anti-Webb sentiment also comes out of Derek’s clear criticism of the war, Christian legalism, and social issues such as our neglect of the poor in this country and the death penalty. Still want to get the CD?

In “A King and a Kingdom,” Webb describes two major lies: one being “if you eat from this tree you will not surely die, and the other being that Jesus Christ was a white middle class republican…and if you want to be saved you have to learn to be like Him.” Yes, he just got our attention…and we all know that shock-value is one of Derek Webb’s specialties.

I have greatly enjoyed this album and I recommend that you buy it, listen to it and think! One of His ideas is that we (American Christians) would rather have our religion, politics and social views handed to us in a nice pretty box after we walk the isle, instead of forming our own opinions based on biblical convictions. So, if nothing else this CD will make you evaluate your position on the issues we are dealing with today. Personally, I have greatly benefited from it, and hope that you will enjoy it as well!


One thought on “Album Review: Derek Webb’s Mockingbird

  1. Well said Travis.

    A lot of the things I might “dislike” on Mockingbird come from convictions about sin in my life through the hard truths Derek sings about. This CD will challenge the listener.

    I recommend it and agree with Travis that we should be willing to say “what can I learn through these songs.” This is indeed a great record.

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