Mohler on Darfur

Al Molher has written on the genocide in Darfur here. His final point is that awareness is the first step in taking action. As followers of Christ, we must act! Read, think and pray. What can be done? How long can we stand by and watch this happen? If things continue the way they are, 100,000 people could be dying every month!

Also check out this blog previously posted on Mercy Swimming by Keith Strahan.


One thought on “Mohler on Darfur

  1. Rebekah says:

    That is so amazing to think about Travis. I remember with Keith first mentioned it and I went home to read what the big deal was about… it broke my heart. It makes me want to drop everything, quit my job, pack my bags, and go to them. I don’t have a thing to offer them, but I still want to help them. They are certainly a people to be prayed for right now, for sure. Thanks for the reminder.

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