Ross King: “I’m Done!”

Perhaps you are familiar with the music of Ross King. Perhaps you are not. The thing that I want to point you to is the person who is Ross King. The great thing is that there is really not much difference. He is a true brother in Christ and a very wise man. He is not two different people (on stage, at church, at home, across the table). The truth that he speaks in his music and in his writing comes out in his regular conversation as well. Usually all of my conversations with Ross have built me up. I want to direct you to his website and ask that you click on the WRITINGS portion. Read his latest entry entitled “The Freedom to Be Done.”

Let me know what you think. I have been refreshed and convicted by these thoughts on the freedom that we all have in Christ. I am admittedly on the beginning of that journey to live in freedom. I’m thankful for people like Ross who use the Scriptures to guide us on our way. I need to “be done” with so much in my life. May the Lord give me the strength to live as a free man!

When he refers to his church, he is referring to Community Church in College Station, TX. He pastors there with Scot Stolz. These two men are seeking to build biblical community and I am fascinated with the way God has opened their eyes to the beauty of the Church. They are really fun to have lunch with too! You need to get in touch with them and pick their brains. I know that I’m going to be doing that a lot in the near future.

Ross, thanks again for the thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Ross King: “I’m Done!”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I can’t lie… parts of this guys writing really made me… leary? I think that’s the word that best describes what I was feeling. However, by the time I was to the end, I had to agree with him. I’m thrilled that someone has so accurately pictured the legalism that we seemingly, so desire to entangle ourselves with (how stupid can we be?)… and then contrast it with the beautiful freedom that is so graciously offered to us. I think we need to be reminded often that we are “not under the Law, but under grace”. It seems such a wonderful thing would be so easy to dwell on, yet we can’t always even recall what it is. How sad. But it is encouraging to know that someone has a much clearer view on what that should look like, and desires to edify others with that knowledge, enough to sit and write about it. Thanks for the link! I was blessed by this.

  2. Thanks for pointing me to that article. It is refreshing to see (or read) people who are questioning their actions, and testing them against scripture. I hope more people learn to do this testing.–Dirk

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