The Sufficiency of Scripture

I have recently revised a paper that I wrote last semester on the Sufficiency of Scripture. You can access it here. Let me know what you think. I am convinced that the Bible has so much life-giving nourishment for our souls and churches; yet we can neglect to seek it’s counsel.

I think the danger of falling into a “dead orthodoxy” is of course still looming on the horizon, but that is not what this paper argues for. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit works through the Word of God to save sinners. I know that the Bible does not save us. We cannot be saved apart from God’s effectual call. Amazingly, God has ordained that that call come through the foolishness of preaching!

May God save souls through the right preaching of His Word!


2 thoughts on “The Sufficiency of Scripture

  1. Thanks for posting a paper that not only speaks of the truths of the Bible, but encourages other believers like myself–Dirk

  2. Lito says:

    It is easy to note that man has a hard time believing the truth. But most of the time, man would easily believe in lies.

    Little’s Blog Things

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