A Testimony of Expiation

According to Webster’s, Expiation is making amends or reparation for wrongs; to atone; to pay the penalty of ; suffer for…This is obviously crucial for Christians to understand as we meditate on the work of Christ. I have written (in 2003) a testimony of expiation here. Feel free to use it if you have need. This is a testimony of a biblical character, but when you begin to read it, try to put yourself in his/her shoes/sandals…(let me know when you figure out who the character is…)

Also, allow the characterization to enter into your soul by applying these feelings expereinced by our character to your own life. I’d enjoy your feedback…



One thought on “A Testimony of Expiation

  1. Rebekah says:

    I really enjoyed your paper… it was very interesting to see things through Peter’s eyes and not just Rebekah’s. Thank you for sharing!

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