Busses, Theology, and the Atonement

I can remember driving busses at Texas A&M University like it was yesterday. It was the most flexible job on campus and it paid well for part-time work. It was on those old, non-air conditioned busses that I was first introduced to R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. No, R.C. was not a passenger of mine in College Station, but I listened to “Renewing Your Mind” every day, at a pivotal time in my young Christian life.

Looking back, God was so gracious to provide such a sound teacher on the radio for me. Perhaps some of my passengers were not as excited about Sproul as I was, but nevertheless, they heard Him regularly on my bus.

Now, some seven years later, I am pleased to see Ligonier coming to the Houston/Sugar Land area for their 2006 Fall Conference Series, The Cross of Christ, Redemption Accomplished. The topic of the Atonement of Christ is often overlooked and many times labeled as controversial.

All of history revolves around this event, so we must strive to understand its significance. This fall, join Drs. R.C. Sproul and Derek W.H. Thomas as they examine Christ’s work on the cross and remind us that it is the centerpiece of God’s redemption. Beginning with the man’s need for atonement, they will discuss the identity of those Jesus came to save, look at how He ransoms us from God’s curse, and answer common questions about the meaning of the crucifixion.”

I would encourage you to make every effort to attend this conference!

May God clearly reveal His mercy through the work of His perfect, spotless Lamb!


2 thoughts on “Busses, Theology, and the Atonement

  1. Dirk says:

    I’m not going to the conference, but Lyndon and some others from GRBC will be there. You should find them!! Back to the books–Dirk

  2. I’m planning to attend so hopefully I can find you at some point. Hope you and your ministry are doing well!–>

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