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C.J. Mahaney at Southern Seminary…in a Suit!

C.J. Mahaney recently preached at chapel on the campus of Southern Seminary. This is a great display of the friendship between himself and Al Mohler, President of Southern. Mohler comments and reflects on C.J.’s visit here.

You can download C.J.’s messages here.


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Is This About Jesus, or Just Sex?

Now that I have your attention, read this interpretation of the Song of Songs by Jim Hamilton that was recently published in the fall issue of the Westminster Theological Journal. Can there be “Messianic Music” found in the Song of Songs?

Free Audio from the Northbrook Conference

The audio from the Northbrook Conference is now available here for free!

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Spurgeon on the Providence of God

“I believe that every particle of dust that dances in the sunbeam does not move an atom more or less than God wishes – that every particle of spray that dashes against the steamboat has its orbit, as well as the sun in the heavens – that the chaff from the hand of the winnower is steered as the stars in their courses. The creeping of an aphid over the rosebud is as much fixed as the march of the devastating pestilence – the fall of . . . leaves from a poplar is as fully ordained as the tumbling of an avalanche.”

When Spurgeon was challenged that this is nothing but fatalism and stoicism, he replied,

“What is fate? Fate is this – Whatever is, must be. But there is a difference between that and Providence. Providence says, Whatever God ordains, must be; but the wisdom of God never ordains anything without a purpose. Everything in this world is working for some great end. Fate does not say that. . . . There is all the difference between fate and Providence that there is between a man with good eyes and a blind man.”

What A Mighty God We Serve!

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Northbrook Conference Recap

Click here to get a recap on the Northbrook Conference.

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Live Blogging from Iowa

The afore mentioned live blogging from the Northbrook Conference is underway. Evidently the streaming audio is not working, although you can order an audio cd of Jim’s talks.

Preparing for the Northbrook Conference

Building with Gold, Silver and Precious Stones

What is Indwelling: Old Testament Background

Day Two: First Thought

The Ministry of the Spirit in John, Part 1

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Justin Johnston is a friend and brother. He has worked very hard to release his first album: More Than Songs. My family has greatly enjoyed this cd and I highly recommend that you pick one up.

Justin is a gifted worship leader. His vision for ministry is simply to invest in the local church for the building of the kingdom. He truly believes the words he sings and seeks to lead people to Christ, not just sing cool songs. If you are looking for someone to lead worship for your retreat, conference or bible study I highly recommend this brother.

As of right now, the best way to get a copy of his new release would be to send an e-mail to As soon as the cd is available for purchase through the Internet, I will announce it!

May God’s name be lifted high through this project. Enjoy!

Northbrook Conference–Blogging and Streaming

Jim Hamilton is the keynote speaker at the Northbrook Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Visit Jim’s blog to find out about streaming audio and live blogging at the conference.

Hamilton’s New Book is Now Available

Jim Hamilton’s new book, God’s Indwelling Presence is now available on

“As For Me and My House”

As the title of this blog suggests, I view my life as an ocean of mercy supplied by God. There are many ways that I seek to let that mercy overflow, and the Lord is guiding our family through one more. My wife and I are going to start a new blog called As For Me and My House. We’re not sure all that will be involved with it, but I do know that we will be posting testimonies and experiences that we have as a family.

Perhaps God may use something in our family’s life to spur you on in your family. We do not hold ourselves up as having it all together. In fact, we clearly do not! Maybe you have something beneficial that you could post on our blog for other families to benefit from as well…We’d love to have your feedback.

We’ll see where the Lord takes this.

Also, Mercy Swimming will be experiencing a “face lift” soon as well. Stay tuned for the new look.

May His name be high in our families and in our churches!