The Cross in 1 Samuel 24

We cannot fully celebrate Christmas without meditating upon the mercy of God. How could it be? A sinner, in full opposition to God, living for self gratification and self indulgence bought with the blood of the blameless Christ? This mercy is priceless because God the Son became flesh to die for people like you and me, who would rather pursue our agendas than worship the creating, redeeming, sustaining God of the Universe.

This mercy is foreshadowed often on the pages of Scripture. We at Redeemer have seen God’s mercy poured out on His people Israel, even when they wickedly desired a King. God has shown mercy to them all the more by anointing David king, in contrast to the “people’s choice,” Saul. This week we again see a picture of mercy as David Mercies Saul, in 1 Samuel 24 (download devotional guide here).

Isn’t it interesting how David reacts to the “giving of Saul into his hands?” He remembers Yahweh’s choice of this man, and even refers to him as “the LORD’s anointed.” This in the midst of multiple attempts by Saul on David’s life! David shows mercy to Saul in the cave. How will Saul respond to this? Will this finally be the turning point that brings him to repentance and illumination? Will David’s desire to “let the Lord judge between them” (vs. 12-13) remind Saul of God’s justice?

How about you, friend? Are you in a situation to model the gospel before those who have wronged you? Can you take an opportunity to display God’s mercy by forgiving a loved one or a colleague? Can you see the cross in the shadow of the Cave where David stands, holding that tattered piece of robe?

May we live and breathe in its shadow!


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