The Sufficiency of Scripture in 2007

Have you begun to make your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Most people are going to strive to lose weight, eat out less, exercise more, start the day earlier, or finally paint the fence in the back yard. A new year does serve as an opportunity for us all to make a fresh start and evaluate where we have been. Are you making a conscious effort to change some things this year?

Are the goals that you have for your family in 2007 any different the typical, self-help, ladder climbing, and comfort sustaining milestones associated with the “American Dream?” How will you display a visible dependence upon God in 2007? Will you strive to make the Bible sufficient for all your needs, or will you rely on substitutes that seem to get the job done?

Fathers, did you effectively lead your wife and children this year? Did you seek to be unselfish and sensitive toward your wife and place her needs before your own? Did you strive to effectively and consistently lead your family worship time? Is your family growing in their knowledge of God through the Scriptures? Wives, did you seek to help your husband to be as effective as possible in his vocation? Did you rejoice in your role as wife and mother, or grumble and constantly lose your temper?

What is your source of life and truth in this world of relativity and skepticism? What rock will you cling to this year, in the midst of death, disease, economic downturn, war, and spiritual drought? What will be your manual for living or for the building of the Church? Should our churches be governed by practical results or the clear instructions from the Bible?

Friend, don’t let this opportunity for reflection and re-focus pass you by. Don’t you know that you have “His divine power…pertaining to life and godliness” sitting on your shelf? Your soul longs for its nourishment. Do you have a “true knowledge” of God, or do you say: “To me, God is like…” May God bring us back to Himself and back to the Bible in 2007!

Happy New Year!


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