False Repentance and David’s Mercy Again

Have you ever seen a counterfeit dollar bill? You probably have had one in your wallet or purse and never even realized it. They are so much like the real thing in size, shape, color and texture. However, when the proper tools are used, these bills are easily recognized by the trained eye.

Have you ever thought of repentance in this way? True repentance can easily be mocked in appearance by those who have been caught in sin. Intentions can seem sincere and emotions overflowing, until the pressure is removed. What then? This week at Redeemer we will see a picture of this “false repentance,” and the perils that ultimately await those who do not fear the Lord.

It was just in chapter 24 that we encountered David’s mercy in sparing Saul in the Cave. In fact, David was convicted about cutting the corner of Saul’s robe and repented to Yahweh. This seemed to spark repentance in Saul as he wept and seemed to realize his sin. But we will see this week, that Saul’s repentance was only skin deep. The title for the message this week is David Mercies Saul Again, from 1 Samuel 26.

Are you in a situation right now that requires true repentance? What might you need to confess to the one whom you’ve wronged? Are you thinking that no one will ever know? David clearly realizes that Saul will be judged for his treachery. He says that “As the LORD lives the LORD will strike him, or his day will come that he dies, or he will go down into battle and perish (26:10).”

May God grant us true repentance…that leads to life!


2 thoughts on “False Repentance and David’s Mercy Again

  1. Puritan Lad says:

    Have you ever read Thomas Watson’s “The Doctrine of Repentance”? It is a must read for any person before he sets out into ministry. Watson gives six signs of a true repentance, which is not true if any are lacking.

    1. Sight of sin
    2. Sorrow for sin
    3. Confession of sin
    4. Shame for sin
    5. Hatred for sin
    6. Turning from sin

    The Israelites performed a counterfeit repentance in Judges 10. It was only after they “put away the idols” that God granted them forgiveness.

  2. Travis says:

    Puritan Lad,

    Great insight. I have not read that one, but I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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