My Unique Birthday Present

I am grateful to have received many wonderful birthday gifts this year. However none have been as unique as my present from my friend (and poet/rapper) Billy Newhouse. Enjoy:

Brother T. Happy Birthday. Here is my gift to you.

My friend Travis Card,

His tests are pretty hard.

Palm trees in his yard,

Said ‘no’ to the National Guard.

He moved to Fort Bend,

Redeemer he attends.

He likes to comprehend,

The Scriptures to the end.

January 10th is his b-day,

Caraline, Calab and little Bray.

Are his little ones who like to play.

His bride is A-L-I-C-I-A.

The poem is pretty lame,

For a man of no blame.

Who’s always pretty tame.

Happy birthday, I proclaim!!!

Thanks Billy!


6 thoughts on “My Unique Birthday Present

  1. For the record, I never said “no” to the National Guard! Most of the rest is true though…


  2. Man, your blog looks really good. I think you inspired me to get back into the blog world. I know I have said that before, but I need to get back on it.

    Happy Birthday, T-card!


  3. John Portier says:

    Happy Birthday Travis!

  4. Lynn Campos says:

    What a wonderful birthday gift!!! You have lots of very special friends. What a lucky guy.

  5. Happy late birthday! Wow, who knew Billy had this unique ability??–Dirk

  6. Jim Hamilton says:

    Great stuff!

    Maybe Billy should perform that for the church!


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