Church Membership Prevents Witchcraft?

Are you a member of a local church? At Redeemer, we have recently begun a new member’s class called Starting Point. In this class we seek to answer the question: “Why join a church?” Have you ever thought about it? Is there really any point? Is church membership just a “rubber stamp” or are there real benefits, privileges and responsibilities that come along with it?

This Sunday at Redeemer, we will be lingering over 1 Samuel 27-28, as Jim Hamilton serves us with his message David and the Philistines, Saul and the Witch. Saul’s true allegiance makes its way to the forefront again in this section of text. Would the anointed King of Israel have the audacity to resort to witchcraft to save his skin? Is there a real evil power in the world, or is that just for crazy people who believe in haunted houses? We will see another picture of the irrationality produced by sin, as well as Saul abandoned by Yahweh (28:6), and yet he seeks the prophet of Yahweh as an alternative (28:11). Does this make sense?

Perhaps you are wondering: “Ok, but what is the connection to the local church?” When Saul was afraid (28:5) and distressed, he turned to a witch. Where do you turn when life turns sour? Do you have a group of people who care for you and pray for you regularly? Do you resort to practical methods or isolation when trials come? Do you consider “religion” to be a private matter that you can handle on your own?

If you are a member of a healthy local church today, take a moment to thank God for His kindness in your life. If not, know that you were not designed to go through life alone. Consider trusting in Christ and joining a local church that is covenanted together to love, support and hold accountable its members. Join a church that seeks answers to life’s questions in God’s Word, not in practical methods that produce apparent results. We are seeking to be a people like that at Redeemer. We’d love for you to join us this Sunday as we seek to know and enjoy God through His word!

May God be Praised for Redeeming a Bride for Himself!


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