Instructions are for the Birds!

I am terrible at putting things together (toys, swing sets, shelves, bicycles, you name it…). It seems what should take about 30 minutes ends up consuming half of my Saturday. Why is this? I make no claims to be a handy man. I have found one common denominator as I have reflected on this—INSTRUCTIONS!

Just to be clear, I actually do read the instructions. I know better than to go off putting something together without those instructions by my side. However, I must admit that many times I have begun a project with great care to follow the instructions and then abandoned them for my better judgment. And who writes these instructions anyway? They are so hard to understand!

This Sunday at Redeemer we will be beginning a new sermon series entitled Wedding Preparations. This series will be 8 sermons on Paul’s first letter to Timothy. The main purpose of Paul’s letter is to provide instructions for the local church at Ephesus and beyond. So, in a sense these are wedding preparations. The church is the bride of Christ, and 1 Timothy helps us to understand what preparations are to be made for the wedding day. The title for the sermon on Sunday is Timothy, Preach the Gospel! From 1 Timothy, chapter 1.

How are you doing with the instructions? Are you aware of their importance and your need for their direction? Are you finding yourself straying away from God’s clear teaching? Does the Bible clearly address issues in the church like leadership, teaching, women’s ministry, false teaching and church discipline? I encourage you to join us this Sunday as we seek to prepare for the day of the bridegroom!

May the Lord keep His promise (Matt. 16:18) among us!


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