Unity for the Right Reasons

Unity can be a funny thing really. Many people define unity as “frictionless” conversation or the absence of awkward moments. In fact it is very possible for people to be united around the fact that they want to be left alone. But is this the unity that should be displayed in the local Church? Is it even possible to be unified on anything today? There are so many different “interpretations” and “theories” (scientific and theological).

Paul addresses this question to his son in the faith, Timothy in 1 Timothy 2:1-8, the sermon text this week at Redeemer. The title of the sermon this week is Praying and Living for the Gospel. Obviously the church at Ephesus was not experiencing doctrinal unity, as we learned last week, due to the false teaching exposed in chapter 1. In fact it seems that the entire focus of the church was off-center. How should Paul address this? How should we?

Are there times in your life that are characterized by drifting or haziness of purpose? Do you consciously seek to realign yourself with God’s plan and purposes? Do you pray? If you pray, do you pray for the real needs of your country, city or town? Do you really believe that God can change things?

By the way, gospel conversations are usually not “frictionless” and they tend to contain awkward moments. But this seems to fade into the background when we meditate on the fact that “God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

May God Unify His Church around the Gospel!


One thought on “Unity for the Right Reasons

  1. Puritan Lad says:

    Good Stuff. Unity that ignores doctrine is relaly no unity at all. Can two walk together, lest they be agreed?

    See The Importance of Sound Doctrine

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