What is an “elder” anyway?

Yes, you’ve been chosen to be on the committee! What an honor to be one of the people elected to search for a new pastor. Put yourself in this scenario for a moment. What should you look for in a pastor? What are the qualifications? The pressure is piling up due to the movement in the church for a change. The last pastor was older and “much too concerned about doctrine and theology.” If one’s thing is certain, the majority on the committee want a younger, more dynamic speaker; someone that will hold our attention. One person commented that this person would have to be able to incorporate more stories, more audio-visual use and added humor on Sundays.

Does the Bible give an outline of the qualifications for this position? Should we first think about what people want, or what God’s requires for the office of elder? What is an elder anyway? Perhaps that term is unfamiliar to you. Is there more to the office of pastor than just preaching and visiting hospitals? What about a pastor’s family, his character, or his marital history? Should there be one or multiple pastors? Should I even be on this committee making this decision in the first place?

This week at Redeemer, we will seek to answer these questions as we consider Biblical Leadership: The Good Elders, from 1Timothy 3:1-7. Paul has, in chapter 2 called the church to unity around the Gospel and diversity in the roles played by men and women in the church. Women are not permitted to teach or show authority over men, but to remain peaceable, fulfilling their God given roles as women. But what type of man is called by God to teach and lead in the local church? Join us this week as we seek God’s Word for the answer.

May God raise up men like this to lead in all the churches!


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