Pursuing Godly Success

How should we judge success? There seems to be two basic standards: one is visual, the other is more spiritual. One standard of success suggests that visible results are the key measurement in evaluating progress. Some say that success might not come overnight, but it should at least be on the radar for next month.

What about the biblical standard for success? This week at Redeemer we will reflect on Pursuing Godly Success from 1 Timothy 4:6-16. What makes a pastor successful? What makes a church successful? Do large numbers, multiple programs, endless activities and countless committees translate into biblical success? What about the growth of the pastor? What about the relationship between the pastor’s life and his doctrine? What is really at stake? What role does spiritual discipline play in a healthy church?

Where is your focus? Do you spend time planning out your spiritual journey the same way that you plan out your exercise routine or your career path? How do your evaluate a church? What does it mean to “give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to teaching and exhortation?” I encourage you to join us this week as we seek to be “absorbed in these things” for God’s glory and our salvation.

May God Bring Clarity of the Gospel to Our Churches!


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