Accountability in the Local Church

Most people view accountability as a good thing. At least, we all know that it should be a major part of any organization. The church is no different. God has purposely built accountability into the life of the local church for protection of the people and the Gospel. But what about the pastors of a local church? Are pastors included in this accountable relationship, or are they in a “sin safe zone” that does not demand the constant interaction and care of the congregation?

This week at Redeemer we will be thinking about Loving Your Shepherds, from 1 Timothy 5:17-25. Apparently, the church at Ephesus was not perfect. There was a need to discern between frivolous charges against the elders and real sin that needed attention. The manner in which elders should be paid, respected and disciplined is discussed in this text. There were major problems afoot, and Timothy is being instructed on how to deal with the reality of ministering in a fallen world.

Do you have a healthy idea of accountability or do you get the feeling that people are “watching you” like a policeman trolling behind your car on the freeway? “What does he want? Am I doing something wrong? I wish he would just leave me alone?”. God’s idea of accountability is not like that. The church is called to love one another, but that does not mean “showing partiality” to our friends or pretending that real problems do not exist. Join us Sunday as e ask God to draw near to us and nourish us on His Word.
Police Car


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