How to Pray for Students at Virginia Tech

The following direction for prayer comes from the BCM Director at Virginia Tech:

*Pray for these early steps of healing for the families and students.

*Pray for the students as they return to classes (today) on Monday.

*Pray for the family of Brian Bluhm (one of our BCM family) as they prepare for his funeral on Tuesday.

*Praise for other opportunities to minister to students at the BCM’s “normal” meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday as well as Monday’s prayer gathering and Friday’s breakfast hosted by BCM alumni.

*Pray for wisdom for President Steger and those in leadership at Virginia Tech as they decide the logistics of how to handle the rest of this academic semester.

*Pray that we would have a vision to minister to people in the media as individuals loved by God. Many students are understandably resenting the actions of some of them right now.

*Continue to pray for wisdom for our staff and student leaders in all the opportunities that will come through relationships on campus. Pray that He will use us to share the light of Christ in the midst of the darkness of last Monday.

(HT:Paul Gulledge)


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