Lyrics to a Great New Hymn

I am blessed to serve with Jim and Jill Hamilton at Baptist Church of the Redeemer. Jim and Jill lead us each week in singing that directs our hearts to the all satisfying, all mighty God. They have recently blessed our congregation with this new hymn. The lyrics are below: ENJOY!

“Arise, O Star”

Words and Music by Jim and Jill Hamilton, 2006

Seed of the woman / Promised long ago
Sworn to crush the serpent’s head / That to Eden we might go
All nations will be blessed / In the seed of Abraham
And the scepter is to Judah / The land belongs to him

Arise, O Star / Jacob longs for you
Keep your word, Lord / Your promises all true
Your people wait / For that Day when you will come
Take your power and reign / Heaven’s highest Son

The branch will come from Jesse / Great David’s greater Son
As a Son to God comes He / To the throne in Zion
The prophet like Moses / Priest like Melchizedek
Anointed with the Spirit / Messiah, he shall reign


So the Man of Sorrows came / Acquainted with his grief
Smitten for our sins / Raised to set us free
And he shall come again / With all his holy ones
For that day we watch / Come soon, Lord Jesus



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