Do You Like Your Church?

In your experience, do conversations about the Church tend to be positive or negative? Would most of the people around you say that they truly love their church, or would the conversation be laden with critical remarks? Why are people so critical of their churches? Are all of these churches really doing a poor job, or is there another side to the story?

Over the past few months at Redeemer we’ve been walking together through Paul’s first letter to his son in the faith, Timothy. One of the obvious applications that we have taken away from the text involves “watching your life…” I wonder if there is a link between unhappiness in the local church and involvement in the local church. Would those who are unhappy be characterized as consumers or builders?

What about you? Do you love your church? Do you consider it the best place on earth? Are you committed to building or are you consuming? We see in Paul’s thesis of the letter, a desire to have the church “conduct themselves properly in the household of God…” Do you trust your own evaluation of yourself to do that? Who else is walking with you as you are being sanctified?

Join us this week as we reflect on Building a Gospel Community. The major application of this sermon will be the introduction of small groups at Redeemer. These groups (Care Groups) are designed to help us watch our lives and doctrine closely.

So, friend, do you need this? Who cares for you when life is difficult? Do others feel your spiritual care for them? Does your relationship with your church reflect a life marked by the gospel? Join us as we seek to stir one another up to good works for the glory of God!


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