The End is the Beginning

The Bible is the most relevant book that you will ever read. The timeless themes that run throughout the pages of Scripture resonate with us all, no matter what our situation in life. Life is characterized by transition, loss, failure, glory, success, deception, pride, love, death and redemption. These robust themes fill the pages of Scripture and beg for exposition and application.

This Sunday at Redeemer we expectantly take up our study of the first and second books of Samuel with How the Mighty Have Fallen, from 1 Samuel 31 – 2 Samuel 1. Jim Hamilton will be leading us through the ending of the days of Saul as this once mighty and promising King falls in disgrace. Of course the ending of one era marks the beginning of another…

Throughout Saul’s leadership, we have seen others that have been impacted by his own sin and rebellion. This scene in the narrative is no different as his own son pays the highest price for his father’s wickedness. It is interesting also to note the way in which the death of Saul dishonors God. When those who represent God fail as ambassadors of the truth, the glory of God is trampled upon.

How does it strike you when mighty men and women of the faith fail? How are you impacted by their sin? How are unbelievers impacted by their hypocrisy? What about you? What picture of God are you painting for those in your workplace or neighborhood? Who do you turn to it times of tragedy or disappointment? What will become of Israel now? They have been left leaderless and vulnerable. Join us this Sunday as we again embark on this journey through 2 Samuel together.


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