2 Ways; 2 Leaders; 1 God

I have found having children to be the single most humbling experience of my life. There are many reasons for this statement, but the main one is that my children know me. People can ask questions about my personal life all they like, but when my children are around and someone asks a question about how I spend my time, or how I treat their mommy, you can bet they will give an honest answer. Perhaps you don’t have children, but what about your friends, family or co-workers? Would you feel comfortable about someone questioning them about your character and devotion to the Lord?

We have and will continue to see that David is the real thing. He truly has a commitment to serve and honor the Living God. Last week we saw David mourn the death of the one who attempted to kill him, because he truly believed that Saul was the “Lord’s anointed.” Now, at a time of transition in leadership, a time when David could roam freely in Saul’s absence, how will he respond? How would you respond?

Join us this week as we consider David and the Man of Shame, from 2 Samuel 2. What a contrast between Saul, who directed his own path apart from the Lord, resulting in the Lord turning a deaf ear to him, and David who “inquired of the Lord” as to what to do next. Friend, I wonder what it looks like when all the supports are taken out from under your life. It is so easy to speak “Christian ease” and pretend to be trusting in God. What is your commitment to Him when everyone is gone? When tragedy strikes or a big decision is to be made, are you quick to call out to God? What would your children or friends say? Join us this Sunday as we ask God to cause us to seek His wisdom and leadership.

May his name be high in our hearts!


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