Paul’s Joy-Enabled Boldness

Imagine for a moment that you are on death row. Imagine that you have spent your entire life fighting for a cause that you’ve truly believed in, only be rewarded with a death sentence. Imagine that all of your closest supporters have deserted you. At one point they were with you through thick and thin, but now it’s just you and this cold, dark cell. Imagine that you only have a few weeks to live. What would be going through your mind? What sort of emotions would you be experiencing?

This is exactly the situation that the Apostle Paul found himself in as he wrote his second epistle to his son in the faith, Timothy. His situation had greatly changed since the writing of the first letter. He was now facing certain death under the rule of Emperor Nero, languishing in a cold, dark dungeon, chained like a common criminal. This is the context for Sunday’s message at Redeemer entitled, Encouragement from a Prison Cell, from 2 Timothy 1:1-7.

Can it be that Paul is “thanking God” and considering the faith and circumstances of others during this time? How can such an encouraging and faith-equipping letter be sent from such despondent conditions? What happens to your faith when darkness creeps in? How do you fit suffering into your view of an all knowing, all good and all powerful God? Are you complaining about your current situation? Are you living in such a way that will naturally lead to a death that exalts God? Join us this week at Redeemer as we begin a journey into 2 Timothy that, Lord willing, will equip us to fight for joy and finish this race, welcoming the day of the righteous judge!

May Jesus Keep His Promise to Build His Church!


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