The Gospel in 2 Samuel

One of the blessings of preaching through books of the Bible (including the Old Testament!) is that we can see the beauty of the gospel reflected from many different angles. In 2 Samuel 9-10, we see David’s gracious dealings with Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s crippled son. Mephibosheth was clearly aware that he was not deserving of David’s mercy. In fact, he comes before him as a “dead dog,” prostrated on the ground (9:8). However, David honors the covenant made between himself and Jonathan that the Lord would be between them and their descendents forever. Not only was Mephibosheth reconciled to David, but was invited to sit at his table!

I hope you can see a picture of the gospel in these verses. How undeserving are we of God’s grace and mercy? We have once been God’s enemy, part of the family of the devil. Yet God honors a promise that he has made and kept in blessing the “seed” of Abraham. We benefit from God’s commitment to keep his promises and to uphold his glory! Not only have we been reconciled, but we have been invited to have an intimate relationship with this mighty God. What a glorious gospel! Do you trust this gracious God? Are you living a “strong and courageous” life because you know that the battle belongs to the Lord?

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