Where Do You Turn When You Sin?

Where do you turn when you sin? I’d be willing to bet that some unbelievers (if not most) have the feeling that Christians are people who a) don’t sin or b) pretend not to sin. So, the Christian message is that we should all stop sinning…and then we’d be more attractive to God, right? Christians, where do you turn when you sin?

Consider chapters 11 and 12 of 2 Samuel. As you’ll see, David achieves the perfect formula for temptation: he’s not where he’s supposed to be, as kings were to go out to battle in the spring (11:1). He stayed home. He’s also apparently spending a lot of time doing nothing: “when evening came he rose from his bed (11:2).” David’s sin that followed was brazen and reviling with terrible and far reaching consequences.

David’s sin with Bathsheba and his attempt to cover himself does not seem that far off from our every day life does it? We all sin and we never like to be caught. So, where do you go? Or, who comes to you? David had a Nathan. Nathan came to David and confronted him in his sin. Do you have a Nathan? Someone who will love you enough to tell you the truth? Someone who will not just let you continue down the pathway of destruction?

The place where this sort of love takes places is the local church. Are you invested in such a way at your church that people know you? Would they even recognize if you did not show up for a week, month, or a year(!)? David was God’s anointed King of Israel, and he was not above accountability. Are you? How do you respond when you are confronted? Do you respond with David and Psalm 51, or are you defensive and blaming?

May we all turn to the One who’s yoke is easy and who’s burden is light!


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