Legalism from the Music Man

To set up this clip, Harold Hill, a con-artist, is trying to convince the town of River City that playing pool is evil. His goal is to get them to focus on something more wholesome, namely a “boy band” that does not really exist. He takes their money but plans to take off without actually getting the instruments, uniforms etc.

Does this sound familiar? Someone trying to get our focus off the real issues in life and on made up rules and regulations to follow? I’m blogging on it because the “trouble in River City” is made up, fabricated, trumpted up nonsense. I think it is interesting how we like to make rules that the Bible never does. We disregard the real “trouble” that we’re in and focus on wholesome moralism.

Enjoy, and by the way–If you ever hear a sermon like this at your church, its time to change churches…Enjoy!


One thought on “Legalism from the Music Man

  1. John says:

    Quite right, quite right.

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