Pride’s Greatest Enemy

How do you feel when those around you are honored? Is your honest reaction one of immediate rejoicing, or jealously? “I bet I could be doing what he’s doing, if I’d had those opportunities.” Why is it so hard for us to “rejoice with those who rejoice?” In his letter to Timothy, Paul holds out a brother, Onesiphorus, who has served the Lord and been loyal to the Apostle. I wonder how Timothy initially reacted to this. How would you react?

This week at Redeemer, we will be considering A Life of Discipleship, from 2 Timothy 2:1-7. Timothy is immediately encouraged, not to be strong in his inner man, but to be strong in the grace of God. Perhaps Paul is holding out a new definition of service. Perhaps this type of service is one that is utterly dependant upon the grace of God for results, not worldly methods. Could Timothy be tempted to move the church at Ephesus forward based on practicality instead of the “sound words entrusted to him?” How will these teachings be maintained throughout the ages? How can we understand these things?

What is Pride’s greatest enemy? May the Lord Raise Up Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ in our day!


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