The Essential Memory

How good is your memory? Do you have a more difficult time remembering names, important events and critical details than you do lyrics to music, lines in movies or batting averages? Why is it that certain things are branded in our minds, and others fade and sometimes are completely washed away? What sort of value does God place on reflection, meditation and memory? Lord willing, this week we will be considering this as we turn to 2 Timothy 2:8-19, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.

As we listen in on Paul’s exhortation to young Timothy to “remember Jesus Christ,” (v.8) we are reminded of the value that God has placed on His people remembering His works, might and glory. We’ve seen this at the establishment of Passover, the charge of the Shema, and with the people as they were crossing the Jordan. God is deeply concerned that we remember His works and not drift into thinking that somehow we have been responsible for these things.

How does this apply to us today? Well, apparently there were those in the Ephesian church who had gone astray from the true Gospel. They had failed to remember the truth about God’s work in Christ. They were resorting to meaningless chatter, upsetting the faith of some. Isn’t it so easy to get sidetracked when we veer off to the right or left? Paul encourages Timothy to “accurately handle the word of truth.” Are there ways that your life is veering away from the Gospel? Are you more concerned with getting things done than you are with sharing the good news with others? If Paul was in close relationship with you, would he be listing your name alongside the likes of Hymenaeus and Philetus? What sort of legacy are you leaving for those close to you? Are you part of the “firm foundation?” I hope to see you this Sunday as we seek to diligently work and remember the Gospel.

Praising God that His Word is Not Imprisoned!


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