The Making of a Noble Instrument

“The devil is a greater scholar than you, and a nimbler disputant; he can transform himself into an angel of light to deceive.” This was a warning than C.H. Spurgeon gave to his Pastors College students, as he lectured on “The Minister’s Self-Watch.” Paul is not lecturing to a classroom full of seminary students when he writes 2 Timothy. However, he does have the attention of one pastor in particular, who is in much need of biblical counsel. Times in Ephesus were seemingly tougher than they’d ever been as Timothy encountered people who were “ensnared by the devil.”

This week at Redeemer, we will be considering The Making of a Noble Instrument , from 2 Timothy 2:20-26. Paul seems to be explaining the idea that he has presented in verse 19, namely that the church will hold firm as those marked by the Gospel turn away from wickedness. It seems that many are wondering around, not even realizing that they are living out the will of the devil. Therefore, Paul instructs Timothy to flee from lusts and pursue righteousness. Is that how you would describe your relationship with lust? Are you fleeing from it? Are you pursuing righteousness? Or, is the order reversed?

Spurgeon again to his students:

“He (the devil)will get within you and trip up your heels before you are aware; he will play the juggler with you undiscerning, and cheat you of your faith or innocence, and you shall not know that you have lost it; nay, he will make you believe it is multiplied or increased when it is lost. You shall see neither hook nor line, much less the subtle angler himself, while he is offering you his bait. ..”

May We Trust the One who provides an Escape!


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