Ross King’s Houston House Show

The people in Billy Newhouse’s living room disagreed with the title of Ross King’s new album, Perhaps I’ve Said Too Much, this past Thursday night. In fact, when he’d said “this is the last one,” people just kept sitting there staring at him (in a good way). They wanted more!

It was a great night. Ross is a dear friend and a gift to the Church. He’s especially a gift to his local church where he serves as an elder. He’s also a gift to Christians everywhere. My children have been raised on Ross King music and my 4 year old son has still not forgiven me for leaving him with a babysitter.

If you haven’t had a chance to buy the cd, you can do so here. As always Ross will cause you to think clearly about what it means to follow Jesus. This is so helpful when we (I am) are so inclined to replace him with other things that are more tangible.

If you want to hear more about the house show, you can visit the blog of our hosts: Billy and Stephenie Newhouse. Billy has said a few words and linked up some videos as well. You can also view two of those videos below:

View this montage created at One True Media
Non Religious Me

View this montage created at One True Media
Light of the World

We were so blessed to be with Ross and Craig last week. If you’d like to know more about the House Tour, visit this blog that is dedicated to giving updates and reports on the various shows. Jim Hamilton has also linked up the words to the song called “Happy” here.

May the Lord continue to bless his ministry and call others to trust in our only true anchor!

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3 thoughts on “Ross King’s Houston House Show

  1. TBC, Why you have to go and write such a nice little blog entry and make me look bad? J/K Man, it was a fun evening. You were right in the fact that it ended too early. I was expecting you to bust a flow for an encore. Maybe next time.

  2. TBC, Did you know my nickname in High School was Short Fuse? Hopefully there won’t be any ticking time bombs?

    PS-When we going to eat some steaks at your place?

  3. Tick, tick, tick…

    Let’s go “outback” tonight!

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