God Always Wins…

How do you respond to losers? How do you respond when you win? What determines your loyalties? What governs your strategies? These were the four questions that we were challenged with last week as we saw an amazing foreshadowing of a man who was cursed, mocked, and stoned for things he did not do. We were reminded that Jesus bore the penalty for the sins that he did not commit. Does the reality of the cross change the way you respond when you are clearly wronged?

This week at Redeemer we will consider how Yahweh Defeats the Counsel of Ahithophel from 2 Samuel 17. This week we will see David’s prayers answered as Ahithophel, this “wise” counselor, is thwarted by the Almighty. David’s companion, Hushai, displays his loyalty to Yahweh’s anointed by warning the true king of the coming danger. Will David receive the warning in time? How will Absalom’s strategic, forceful takeover turn out? What will prove to win the day, impressive might or trust in the God who saves?

Join us this week as we are confronted with the power of One who will not be intimidated by worldly powers, or wisdom. Are you trusting in your own counsel, or your own plans? It seems like Absalom’s revolt is going quite well, but is it? Are you sometimes fooled by apparent success, only to find out that the fruit from all your labors is rotten? What determines your loyalties? What governs your strategies?

Jesus is the Victor!

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2 thoughts on “God Always Wins…

  1. Love your site bro! I am a church planter and new at this blogging stuff…I’m old school. Anyway, great stuff!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Had a look around your site and it looks great as well.


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