The Fog of False Teaching

If one thing has been clear to me as we have walked through 1 and 2 Samuel these past months, its been this: God’s glory will be displayed and His wise purposes will all come to pass! This week at Redeemer, we will press pause on the captivating narrative of David’s life, to put ourselves back into the tattered shoes of the old man locked up in a Roman prison for his commitment to seeing God’s glory displayed and His purposes come to pass through the Gospel. However, even though the circumstances and genres are much different, we will see how the battle for the display of God’s glory rages on in the church at Ephesus and in our daily lives.

This Sunday we will be considering 2 Timothy 3:1-9, as Paul warns Timothy about The Fog of False Teaching. Paul lists multiple characteristics of the false teachers in Ephesus and the results of their ministry of deception. In fact he makes a connection between the magicians in Pharaoh’s court and these false teachers peddling their self-exalting doctrines. Apparently it is a common thing to have a “form of godliness” that gives the appearance of happiness and success. However, just as the magician’s serpents were swallowed up, so will “their folly become obvious to all.” There is only so long that these false impressions will hold water. They may prove effective for a time and the mask may cover up difficulties in the short term, but there will come a day when the mask comes off and all is laid bare before a holy God! Are you aware of deception in your life? Are there things that seem harmless on the surface that when considered further may be poisonous to your soul? Remember that your enemy is indeed crafty and deceiving. Is there a sense of God’s power in your life or is it all a show? Are you prone to learn and learn and learn without actually gaining true knowledge that manifests itself as a changed life? How will you navigate through the fog that so often blurs our path?

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One thought on “The Fog of False Teaching

  1. JH46 says:

    We missed you at Chip’s bachelor party last week!!!

    I hope you are doing well!

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