Dr. Paige Patterson on Evangelism and Contextualization

You’ve got to check out this interview, conducted by my fellow elder Jim Hamilton of Dr. Paige Patterson. I found this interview very helpful as a young pastor who thinks about these things often. Here’s a noteworthy section that I hope will cause you to read the entire interview.

One of the most unusual things I remember in Fayetteville was my morning Bible Study, which I did for awhile for pagans. No Christian was allowed. You had to be a confessing pagan to be allowed to come to it. In a way, it was funny because whenever somebody would be saved they would have to stand in front of the group and explain this and tell them how much they had enjoyed being a part of it, but now they were going to move on into the church and so they wouldn’t be coming to the group any more. Those are the kinds of blessings from God that you always remember and can never forget.

Thanks Jim for taking the time to draw these great insights out of Dr. Patterson’s well of testimony to God’s greatness!

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