Living and Dying Well

A memorable line by Frederick Langbridge pictures two men who are both in prison but are a universe apart in their thoughts:

Two men looked through the bars.
One saw mud, the other, the stars.

I don’t think Langbridge was talking about having a positive attitude or always looking on the brighter side of things. I think we was referring to perspective . We’ve spent several weeks getting Paul’s unusual perspective from the inside of the prison in Rome in which he resides. Surprisingly, he is thankful, humble and filled with joy! How could this be? What is it that causes Paul to see stars instead of mud and immediate disappointment?

Join us this week as we consider Living and Dying Well, from 2 Timothy 4:5-8 . Paul immediately draws out a contrast between his vision for Timothy’s ministry and the “ear tickling” that is so common in the last days (our days). Timothy must be sober, able to endure hardship all the while doing the work of an evangelist! What is the work of an evangelist? What does it mean for Timothy to fulfill his ministry? Thankfully Timothy has had a model to look to for biblical, faithful gospel ministry. In verses 6-8 Paul considers his current status, his past success as well as his future reward!

Do you view your life as a fight of faith? Have you ever been in a fight? There are usually no “time-outs,” or lessons on fighting fair. The fight begins and rages on until someone hits the ground! That seems to be alot like Paul’s life. What about you? Are you constantly fighting against sin and evil? Are you always praying for opportunities to share the good news with people who are headed to hell? What course has God laid out for you? Why do you think it is significant that Paul receives a “crown of righteousness” on the last day? Are you longing for His appearing?

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