Confidence to Stand–The End Is Near

How will people remember you? We read in Philemon of a man named Demas who is described as a fellow worker with the Apostle Paul. He apparently was important to Paul’s ministry because he is again mentioned in Colossians as bringing greetings. This seems to be a young man who has great potential to be used by God. But notice how Paul remembers this one time companion as he writes his last words to Timothy:

For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica…”

Join us this week as we consider having Confidence to Stand, from 2 Timothy 4:9-22. What could have happened that all have now deserted the Apostle, except for faithful Luke? Notice, however that Paul does not instruct Timothy to make Demas’ life miserable. Paul mentions by name others who have harmed and betrayed him as well. How do you approach those who seek to cheat you? Notice Paul’s responses in this regard: ” the Lord will repay him… (v.14)” and “all deserted me…but may it not be counted against them…(v.16)” Paul is quick to forgive, leaving room for God to judge. Tell me, do you handle things this way, or are you sometimes the judge, jury and executioner all wrapped up into one? Join us this week as we consider again the last words of a man that spent his life (poured it out as a drink offering) for others.

Looking to the Reward with you!

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