Al Mohler on The Golden Compass

As many of you know, The Golden Compass, one of three films, based on Phillip Pullman’s books “His Dark Materials,” opens today (December 7th) in theatres. These books and movies have a clear agenda in promoting atheism to children.


I encourage you to read Dr. Mohler’s blog as you consider the ways in which Christians should respond to challenges like these. My wife and I discovered that our nine year old daughter already had this book in her possession! Thankfully, I had placed it on my bookshelf and she has not had time to read it yet. I know that we cannont (and should not) isolate our children from things like this, but I’m thankful that I can now prepare her for what the author is trying to accomplish, and discourage her from being fooled!

As Dr. Mohler says, Christianity is not going to be toppled by a few fictional books. But, this is a great opportunity to show the futility of life apart from Jesus Christ, our only true Savior.

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2 thoughts on “Al Mohler on The Golden Compass

  1. Jeanne Zell says:

    Thank you for the info…. evidently we did not get the word out very well… An awfully lot of people went to see the movie anyway! 😦

    Jeanne Hamilton

  2. Jeanne,

    Thanks for the comment. I am not suprised that the movie has done so well. The effects and animations are amazing! We must simply be willing to tell the truth about the message of the movies and books, trusting Jesus’ words that the gates of hell will not stop his church being built!

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!


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