The Leading Cause of Death in the Proverbs

One of my favorite things about the book of Proverbs is the way the author so accurately illustrates the truth to be communicated. For example, picture a bird slowly walking toward it’s food, while the hunter’s net awaits it’s victim. Or picture the ox that has been faithfully serving it’s master for years being taken on a walk. However, this time it won’t be coming back, as it is being led off to slaughter. Or think of a deer slowly walking into the crosshairs of the hunter’s bow. The deer has no idea that he’s walking into a trap that will ultimately take his life. These pictures are all communicating to the reader that sin is crafty, deceptive and ultimately deadly.

This week at Redeemer we will continue thinking about the book of Proverbs as we consider The Path of the Fool, from chapter 1:8-19. Last week we learned that Proverbs clearly sets forth two paths for us to follow, with two corresponding ends. The vehicle that we use to navigate the path of wisdom is the fear of the Lord (1:7), as those on the other path despise instruction. But what happens when we are driving down the path and we are suddenly ambushed or led to take a side road? How do we, as Christians respond when “sinners entice us (1:10)?” Are you aware of this spiritual battle each day, or are you like the bird who is being lured in by the deceptive hunter? Are you like the child who sits, rolling his eyes, as his parents warn him about walking too close to the edge of the bridge? He thinks he’s invincible…until he finds himself in the icy cold water, gasping for his last breath.

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