Which Kingdom are You Looking For?

Had any interesting dreams lately? Have you ever had a dream that completely blew your mind, or even frightened you? What a relief to open your eyes and have your senses tell you that “it was only a dream…” But imagine if your dream was more than a dream…what if it was reality? For King Nebuchadnezzar, this experience left him sleepless and greatly troubled. What would he do?

Join us this week at Redeemer as we consider “Four Empires and God’s Everlasting Kingdom,” from Daniel chapter 2. Well, the king calls all of the wise men and magicians in Babylon to his side to interpret his terrible dream. However, they were unable, even under the penalty of death, to shed light on this vision. So the King decides to destroy all the wise men of Babylon, including Daniel and his friends. However, we know that Daniel had been blessed by God to interpret dreams and visions. Daniel’s interpretation of the King’s dream reveals four ruling empires and God’s everlasting Kingdom.

So apparently there would be kingdoms that rose to power, only to eventually fall. Daniel realizes that God is in control of all–he praises God that He removes and establishes kings. However, there will be one kingdom that does not fall, an everlasting kingdom that will endure forever. It will crush all the others. I wonder what you think of this? I mean we live in America, a land of freedom and military supremacy. Where is your ultimate citizenship? How would you respond to the situation that Daniel faced? How do you respond to situations that clearly exhibit God’s grace in your life? Do you transfer glory to Him, or do you take the credit?

Join us this Sunday morning as we seek to live for the everlasting kingdom to come.

Come Lord Jesus!

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