“We Will Burn!”

How do you respond to God? In the third chapter of Daniel, we’ll see two responses from encounters with God. First we see a king (Nebuchadnezzar) who has seen the wisdom and supernatural power of God through the interpretation of a dream. He even exclaims that Daniel’s God is “God of gods and lord of kings…” But notice how chapter three begins: “the king made an image…” The way that the king responds to the “God of gods” is to exalt himself? Was the main point of the king’s dream that he should be exalted as a god himself?

Our next response comes, not from a king, but from three Jewish men in the king’s court. How would they respond to a command to worship an idol, in light of what they know about Yahweh, the creator and sustainer of all things…the only true God? I hope that you will join us this Sunday morning as we consider To Bow or To Burn from Daniel 3. These three men were exposed as traitors of the king. They were brought before him and given a chance to escape a fiery death if they would only bow. Talk about your faith being tested! Talk about a different response!

Sometimes we can focus on the heroes of the faith and dream that we might be given a chance to do something great! But let me ask you, how is your neighbor? Do you know if he understands the gospel or not? Do you know that if he doesn’t he will face something much worse than a furnace? Maybe your faith couldn’t be further from the faith exhibited by these three young men. Where will you turn to receive encouragement? Are you trusting in the One that has never failed? Do you know the God of the Bible?

Paul encouraged the Romans to be devoted to one another in brotherly love; giving preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, being fervent in spirit as you serve the Lord (Rom. 12:10-11). So, you may not be standing on the brink of a fiery furnace, but I bet you might be facing a situation that calls for drastic faith. How will you respond? What will the fires of your circumstances reveal? Join us Sunday as we seek to do all things, whether eating or drinking to the glory of God!


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