The Writing’s On the Wall…

I don’t know about you, but I can be a sucker for the spectacular. I mean I understand that running backs cannot be successful without a good offensive line, but I also know that not too many folks are lining up to by jerseys of offensive tackles and guards. The running backs get the chance to actually score points that can determine wins and losses. Who gets more attention? But ask any running back how good they would be if their offensive line decided not to block for just one play. It wouldn’t be pretty!

If we’re honest, we are all drawn to the spectacular, even in Scripture. Think about what’s happened so far in the book of Daniel. We’ve seen elaborate dreams interpreted and fulfilled! We’ve seen men standing in fiery furnaces unharmed. We’ve seen God humble a proud king on the spot and then restore his greatness at the appointed time. What’s next? Well, how about a hand, floating in mid-air, writing a secret message on a wall? Yep, that’s what happens in Daniel chapter 5, and that is our text this Sunday at Baptist Church of the Redeemer.

Can you imagine what this would be like? The king’s response is indicative of the sheer pandemonium that must have broken out at the very sight of an armless hand writing on a wall. Later Daniel reveals that it is indeed God who sends the hand to deliver a prophetic message of judgement. Spectacular! But the question is, what message has God delivered to us? In other words, how is this spectacular penning of a divine message any different than the Bible that is sitting in front of you right now? Who is the author? What is the message? How important is it that we weigh and consider this divine message? It was important for King Belshazzar, as he would learn even that night. That Bible may not look spectacular, but it is indeed God’s specific, personal and glorious message to you and to me. It is His self-revelation; His writing on the wall. How will you respond to it’s message this week? How will you measure up in the justice scales of God? Join us this week as we run to the only one who can right our deficiencies.

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One thought on “The Writing’s On the Wall…

  1. Roger C. says:

    Listen Pastor. I never heard back from you in regards to my first comment and things ain’t exactly looking bright. For the sake of confidentiality I’m going to remain vague, but some new issues have surfaced. Let’s just say that I am definitely in a situation right now that looks bleak. I know Yogi always says it ain’t over til it’s over, but things don’t bode real well for me. Do you have some help you can offer or some advice? I’m not sure my lawyer is helping at this point.


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