Cold Coffee on Mother’s Day


What does one say to such a woman? You’re right in that “Mother’s day is just like any other day,” but you are not like just any other woman. You are especially gifted by God as an extraordinary wife and mother. Let me say that again so it might sink in: You are especially gifted by God as an extraordinary wife and mother. I can sum up my explanation for that statement in two words: cold coffee.

Since today is Mother’s Day let’s begin there. You are an extraordinary mother. When I think about all the hats that you wear each day I get dizzy. Let’s start from the time the alarm clock goes off (this is assuming that one of the kids has not been up all night coughing…like last night!). Many times you might wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, or perhaps a steaming cup placed in your hand (if I’m on my game). You take a sip and then…You notice the three needy people all looking to you for answers to questions like…What’s for breakfast? What are we doing today? “Choc Milk?” You are immediately greeted with an agenda for school including projects, books to be read, math problems to be solved and tests to be studied for. I should also throw in the dirty diaper that always turns up when you are about to walk out the door. The doorbell and the phone ring, the e-mail chimes, the dog is hungry, the baby shower is next week and the t-ball team needs snacks. The coffee is not so hot any more.

I said that you were greeted by “three” needy people, but we both know that the true number is four. What would I do without you? You are an extraordinary wife! What would happen if I actually picked out my own clothes? What would happen if I actually dressed our children? What would life be like if I did the laundry and paid the bills? My cooking…no thanks! Not only do you spend your days serving our wonderful children, but you go out of your way to care for and to support me. “How was the sermon honey?” “Can you do me a favor?” “I have a lunch/dinner/coffee/accountability/elders meeting…and I won’t be home until late.” By now, the coffee is cold.

Alicia, you are God’s greatest gift to Travis, Caraline, Brayton and Caleb. You are beautiful, both inside and out. You are patient, loving, kind and compassionate. You are humble and centered on the needs of others. You are an exemplary example for our daughter. My love for you grows each time you smile. It may seem like all of your service to our family goes unnoticed but let me assure you it does not. And more than being noticed by me, your heavenly Father sees your deeds and is pleased. He sees how you serve and how you love. He sees how you struggle at times and weep. He sees how you depend on Him to do all these things. He sees His child, made righteous in Christ Jesus.

Your coffee may be cold, but know on this Mother’s day, we are most thankful for the warmth of your heart! We love you more than you will ever know!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Travis, Caraline, Brayton and Caleb

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6 thoughts on “Cold Coffee on Mother’s Day

  1. What a great gift to a great wife & mom!

    Alicia is a great example of a godly wife and mother and we are so thankful to call you all friends and family.

    Thanks for sharing this and blessings to the Cardwell family who owes so much of who they are to Alicia!

    Billy & Stephenie

  2. jimhamilton says:

    Well, done, Travis, praise God for Alicia!


  3. snipsandsnails says:

    Travis, you really do have a gift for writing. You so well expressed all that Alicia does and is. She truly IS beautiful and is such a blessing. We ALL love her! 🙂


  4. Jim, Jill and Billy,

    Thank you all so much for your responses. I’m so thankful for each of you…and I can say that we are in good company for Godly ladies at Redeemer. Stephenie and Jill are both one in a million! Jim, you and Billy married very well–you out punted your coverage!


  5. DHam says:

    If they’re both one in a million, would that make them two in a million?

    Just kidding… great word brother!

    Did you youtube the juggling/poetry video yet?

  6. Actually it would be 2 in 2 million which could be reduced to 1 in 1 million… 🙂

    Video is not up yet…I may send it to you.


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