Jim Hamilton Joins the Yankees!

No not really. Although he did play college baseball, and I’ve heard he still has it from a guy who played softball with him recently.

Truthfully Dr. Jim Hamilton will be joining the faculty at Southern Seminary in Louisville KY this fall. He has recently been featured in a Towers article that you can and should read here. You can also read about Jim’s transition here, here and here. Let me give a few snipits from the article:

“Jim Hamilton is one of the most prolific and visionary young scholars in Baptist and evangelical life,” said Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology and senior vice president for academic administration.

“He is world-class in his writing ministry, with publications so numerous it is difficult to list them all. Professor Hamilton’s scholarship is fueled with fire for the glory of Christ, the upbuilding of the church, and the evangelization of the nations. He is a tremendously gifted preacher, classroom teacher, and discipler of young men preparing for the pastorate.

“One hundred and fifty years from now, I expect that Jim Hamilton will be among the top names mentioned as Southern Seminary faculty who changed the face of biblical scholarship, right in the line started by John Broadus and A.T. Robertson.”

Wow! I’m not surprised to hear these things about Jim. They are true and much more could be said. I think what happens is you serve alongside someone for so long that you forget sometimes how special they really are to you and to others. It’s kind of like your children growing up under your nose. You really don’t notice it until that relative comes over and can’t believe how much they’ve grown! I think Jim can fly under the radar with some because of his humility. Brilliance and humility is such a rare combination, but Jim is a rare gift to the Church!

This last quote is an example of Jim’s commitment to weaken pride and pursue humility in his life (it’s also where the title of this blog comes from):

“It feels a little like being invited to play baseball for the Yankees of old with Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris,” Hamilton said. “I guess even that lineup had its position players who were just ordinary ballplayers, and I feel like an ordinary teacher joining the ranks of Hall of Famers. I hope to make the routine plays and help the ballclub any way I can.”

Thank you Jim for your service and ministry in Houston. May the Lord continue to bless you brother.

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2 thoughts on “Jim Hamilton Joins the Yankees!

  1. jimhamilton says:


    Thanks for your kind words, brother. I’m blessed to have served with you. Nothing could make me happier than for my students to be better preachers than I am, and you’re leading the way!

    Praising God for you,


  2. Jim,

    Thanks for proving my point about the humility in your life! Your encouragement means so much!


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