The Goat and the Ram

How does the future determine your present? In the 7th chapter of Daniel, we are exposed to an amazing vision of the Ancient of Days sitting on a throne of fire and the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven. I was blown away at the affect on my own soul as I considered the sheer majesty and holiness of Almighty God. But that was Sunday…what about on Wednesday? How do you maintain a vision of God’s greatness? How can we be people that live for that day, when we see His glory and the books are opened?

Join us this week as we encounter another of Daniel’s visions from the Lord. This week at Redeemer, we’ll be focusing on Daniel, Chapter 8 and the vision of the goat and the ram. Again, Daniel is extremely humbled through the process of God speaking to him. This encounter involves a one on one discussion with the angel Gabriel! Gabriel reveals to Daniel what will happen at the “time of the end.” What precious knowledge! How will this knowledge impact the trajectory of the rest of Daniel’s life? How will it affect his interactions with people? …the use of his time? Again, the vision is perplexing and “exhausting,” but we do see a clear indication that God will triumph. One enemy in particular will be “broken without human agency (NAS).”

Did you know that we have access to the very information that Daniel saw in his vision? Did you know that we have the very revelation of Jesus Christ sitting before us on our desks and on our night stands? Not only do we all posses copies of the written revelation of God, but as believers we have been given His Holy Spirit to guide us in all understanding! Do you live and walk in this confidence? How does a vision of the greatness of God and His ultimate victory over sin pave a path for us to live and walk in? How can this vision of God help us to overcome doubt and besetting sins in our lives? Join us this week as we seek to behold the glory of the gospel shining forth from the face of Jesus Christ.

We Have Victory in Jesus!

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