Confession, Supplication and the Messiah

Do you find yourself floundering in prayer? Is it because you’ve never settled on the importance of prayer? Or do you have a hard time believing that God could hear all prayers of all the believers in all the world at one time? If you are struggling in your prayer life, or just struggling in life period, I want to encourage you to give some attention to Daniel, Chapter 9.

In the beginning of Daniel 9, we find Daniel observing that the completion of seventy years of desolation was drawing near. Notice how Daniel responds. First, he “gives attention to the Lord God by seeking Him in prayer and supplication, with fasting in sackcloth and ashes.” So, Daniel realizes what the Lord has ordained, and is immediately drawn to prayer. Also, notice the way in which Daniel prays. He spends much of his time confessing the sin of his people, and acknowledging that righteousness only comes from the Lord. Finally, Daniel prays one of the most God-centered prayers in all of Scripture. Daniel appeals to God acting for His own sake, for His city and His people, called by His name.

There are so many wonderful truths in this text! I just want to point out one encouragement for prayer. While Daniel is praying, the angel Gabriel appears to him! (I wish this would happen when I pray!) Gabriel tells him that “At the beginning of your supplications the command was issued…(23)” So, in some mysterious way, the plan that God had ordained from the days of Jeremiah was set into motion by the prayers of Daniel! How important is it that we are depending on God in prayer?

I’ve written on this text here as well.

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