The Taming of the Lion of Judah?

Have you “domesticated” Jesus? We live in a society that is not ignorant of the name Jesus Christ. In fact most people are aware of Jesus and many believe that he actually existed and was a pretty good guy. However, that is the point at which the ways part. One author has written that, today, Jesus is portrayed “more like a magical pussycat than the divine Aslan…who, as C.S. Lewis wrote, ‘is not safe, but he is good’…Jesus has become an eternal Martha Stewart who is ready to make your home his home.” Is this the Jesus that we encounter in the Bible?

Consider the introduction to Daniel’s Terrible Vision, from Daniel, Chapter 10. Daniel comes into contact with a man who very closely resembles the man that the Apostle John encounters in Revelation 1–dressed in linen, girded with a belt of gold; a face with the appearance of lightning, with eyes like flaming torches; arms and feet shining like bronze and words of tumult (roaring!). So, it seems that Daniel is not as terrified by the message as he is by the messenger! Daniel exclaims that “no strength was left in me, for my natural color turned to a deathly pallor.” Who is the One who appears to Daniel?

There are not too many songs on Christian radio stations that extol Jesus as “terrible,” as Ross King does in “The Lord Is.” Does this put a new spin on the cultural, popular Jesus of today? Jesus came into the world as a meek and lowly carpenter–living a life of service and love. But, don’t let this be translated into your mind as weakness or “unconditional forgiveness.” Jesus is the radiance of God–and God is holy and righteous. Our Savior is a mighty King and exalted Lord–worthy of our adoration and praise. It is this Jesus that will stand in judgement over the entire universe on the last day. It is this Jesus who emerges as our High Priest and Champion! He is worthy of our trust and proclamation! Do you know Jesus? Are you satisfied in who He really is?

His Sovereignty is Secure!

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