Getting Ready for A Vacation?–Read This First!

There are times when I hear John Piper preach that I think: “Have I ever really preached a sermon?” There are times that I hear CJ Mahaney talk about how he loves his wife and parents his children that cause me to think: “Am I really a parent, or just a permanent babysitter?”

Seriously, I love to benefit from CJ’s wealth of knowledge on the subject of parenting. He has recently written a three part series on how to have a God and Gospel-Centered vacation. You can check out his posts below:

Part I, Part II, Part III

I have also reflected on a desire for God to be at the center of our family’s vacations here.

I think you’ll notice that CJ’s post is particularly focused on the role of the father before, during and after the vacation. I was very convicted about my lack of prepartion of my family in the past. By God’s grace, may we all be moving closer to taking every moment and thought captive (including our vacations!) and directing them to the all satisfying Savior…who is our true Holiday.

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One thought on “Getting Ready for A Vacation?–Read This First!

  1. Billy Newhouse says:


    Thanks for sharing those posts by C.J. I copied that link and sent it to my personal email so I can file that away. That was a great post.

    I specifically appreciated his comments on husbands having “a unique opportunity to serve and lead and work harder in some ways than he does during the normal week.” I don’t think I have ever really thought about that. Hopefully, I can do this over many decades to come.

    I thought his sections on “a tone setting attitude” and “awareness of indwelling sin” were fantastic. I can be so prone to complaining or having a bad attitude when on vacation and I needed to hear these things. Thanks for sharing this!

    Off to take out the trash,

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