Abortion Is About God: Reframing a Moral Issue

This post is meant to introduce you to material from Desiring God on the issue of abortion entitled Abortion Is About God: Reframing a Moral Issue. Here is a preview of what to expect:

This course will advance the biblical truth that abortion is fundamentally an offense to the glory of the Creator, as well as celebrate the sovereignty of God over all of life, while seeking to provide a biblical and theological grounding for the pro-life cause from a God-centered perspective. Students will gain a deeper understanding of this issue by closely examining the key biblical passages regarding the issue of abortion, answering provocative questions, and considering sermons and writings from the ministry of John Piper.

When is it coming out?

With an election year upon us, our plan is to begin shipping this course in mid-August 2008 so that churches can use it prior to the election to anchor biblical convictions about the transcendent moral issue of our time.

What’s the goal?

Our goal is not primarily political (though we hope that Christians would exercise their rights as citizens and seek to influence the culture through the political process). Rather our aim is fundamentally theological. Abortion is not merely the killing of human beings; it is an assault on God’s rights as Creator. Our prayer is that this course would be used by God to awaken the church afresh to the horror of abortion as a belittling of the glory of God and an assault on those made in His image.

Stay tuned to the DG website and to this blog for further information on this timely course!


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